Give Me Novacaine!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Commo'n Comm'on

Extra Topic: Commo’n Let’s be!!!

Lately I went to a concert alone, and I found how easily people can connect.Maybe the hardest thing to do is keeping the relationship.I always boring when my friend start to argue about ridiculous things,you know, that ridiculous small thing can really destroy friendship the way you couldn’t imagine.So why don't we be good to each other everytime we meet and forget about bad feeling.

Life is so short.Don't waste time with stupid thing!!!

will you there?

Today’s Topic: Why you?

I hate when people say “Why do you call?” when I call them.
Just like they don’t wanna talk if there is nothing worth for.
I know human should call when they have something to say or to ask.
But what if the words cannot explain your feeling?
I believe people could communicate without saying. Sometimes when I feel down, I just want to hear some ‘people’ voice, no matter what they’re saying, no matter if it really concern my worriment.Just like that.
Sometimes, silent explain everything, if you just hear.

So, will you stay there and hear me?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Space and peace

Today’s Topic: Space

Everyone wants a space to feel like home. I have none.
People always change. Time always pass me by.
I feel like I’m standing alone in the crowd.
Can you breathe the loneliness in the air? I can.
Sound too silly to think like this, seem boring.
But I can’t stand the fact that I feel it every time.
I hate it.

Today’s recommend:
Song: One wish
Artist: Wyolica
All I can say: I’ve heard it from Channel V and I think its video is very suit for the mood of song. It make me feel clam and peace. Feel like I want to grow my own garden when I watch this PV.

Song: Try Try Try
Artist: Smashing Pumpkin
All I can say: I don’t know exactly what this song mean.But it express

the feeling of trying to do something despairing.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Do you like to despise other?

Today’s topic: Do you like to despise other?

Couple days ago, I had a discussion with my friend about disdaining. I found that my friend’s opinion and mine are way out different. He said that if you don’t want to be despised, you have to do it first!
You or Other, just choose!!
Do you think this is the path of human?

I don’t like this idea cos if so, in the end, there will be no respect at all. The important thing that people should realized is everyone can do everything they want. Some might be good in something, some might not, but it doesn’t mean that they are dump just because they can’t do something that other can.

Today’s Song

Artist: Clap your hands say yeah
Song: Sunshine and clouds and everything proud.
All I have to say: This song got me from title! Then when I listen….it remind me of baby song or the bells ring in the temple.Very cute and perfect for using as ringtone!! (hope the band won’t angry me about this)