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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Space and peace

Today’s Topic: Space

Everyone wants a space to feel like home. I have none.
People always change. Time always pass me by.
I feel like I’m standing alone in the crowd.
Can you breathe the loneliness in the air? I can.
Sound too silly to think like this, seem boring.
But I can’t stand the fact that I feel it every time.
I hate it.

Today’s recommend:
Song: One wish
Artist: Wyolica
All I can say: I’ve heard it from Channel V and I think its video is very suit for the mood of song. It make me feel clam and peace. Feel like I want to grow my own garden when I watch this PV.

Song: Try Try Try
Artist: Smashing Pumpkin
All I can say: I don’t know exactly what this song mean.But it express

the feeling of trying to do something despairing.


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