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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Robot's thought

Today’s Topic: How you know it’s the end?

Recently I wonder how people know when something comes to its end. For some people like me, I found it’s very hard to realize before everything’s too late. Like some relationship that you don’t want to give up. Because it may make you feel like everything that you’ve done is empty. But for someone, it seem easy for them to get rid of things and make it end so fast that you can’t imagine.
Or it just their defence to protect their heart?

Maybe the reason that people’s so mean is because they are too weak to be the last person in the game of relationship.
Let’s think.

Today's song:

Artist: Pink Martini
Song: Hang on little tomato
All I have to say: The great thing about this song are lyric and the rhytm that will bring your mind back in the most blue day.


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