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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Search!! People Search!!

Today’s Topic: Robot with searching.

Today I searched for “tea recipe” in google and I found this website , they write about how to make a cup of Thai tea. The strangeness is I’ve never seen this type of tea in Thailand!! As far as I know, they don’t add coconut milk in tea. Anyway, you know, it might be common thing somewhere in Thailand. The awesome thing above all when I found this site is many people love Thai food!! I’m so glad to know.

Anyway, finally I don’t get any tea recipe (except that website), but I found 3 hot chocolate recipe instead. It’s not that Google is bad, but it just my habit. When I try to find information of something, I’m always end up with other information that might not relate to what I want at first. It’s like I can’t concentrate on something long enough if other thing which is more interesting appear.

I wonder if this just the effect of the overwhelming communicate world or it just me?


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