Give Me Novacaine!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Yesterday I met a miracle!!

Today’s Topic: Miracle can happen to Robot!

Have you ever done something from your intuition? We should try to follow our feeling inside, although we don’t know exactly what it will bring. I think that human used to have instinct as same as other animal, but we refuse to use it. ‘Cos most of us were taught to not believe in thing that we can’t understand. Like we are wasting our great ability with nonsense substance. I mean we all are in material world, every little thing that we invent bring us far from deep sense. I don’t know how to explain these to you, but I just want everyone to listening in your inside. Sometime I think all the thing we can touch is the illusion, the real thing is in what I can’t see.

Seem like a thought of psycho!!!


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