Give Me Novacaine!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Weird World

Today’s Topic: Weird World

I haven’t updated my blog because I’m so sick of the politic situation. But I believe that finally people would know the truth. Who has the REAL evil mind? Don’t you see?

I really hate to hear people said that this protest is the right thing for saving country. It seem ridiculous cos the protest make so many people get in trouble, such as the merchant near the protest area. I don’t understand why lot of people have to scarify for nonsense thing that they might not agree with and how can you call this “saving country” when so many people lost their income because of this protest.

Will this make our country better?
I’m so curious about this.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Yesterday I met a miracle!!

Today’s Topic: Miracle can happen to Robot!

Have you ever done something from your intuition? We should try to follow our feeling inside, although we don’t know exactly what it will bring. I think that human used to have instinct as same as other animal, but we refuse to use it. ‘Cos most of us were taught to not believe in thing that we can’t understand. Like we are wasting our great ability with nonsense substance. I mean we all are in material world, every little thing that we invent bring us far from deep sense. I don’t know how to explain these to you, but I just want everyone to listening in your inside. Sometime I think all the thing we can touch is the illusion, the real thing is in what I can’t see.

Seem like a thought of psycho!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Robot's thought

Today’s Topic: How you know it’s the end?

Recently I wonder how people know when something comes to its end. For some people like me, I found it’s very hard to realize before everything’s too late. Like some relationship that you don’t want to give up. Because it may make you feel like everything that you’ve done is empty. But for someone, it seem easy for them to get rid of things and make it end so fast that you can’t imagine.
Or it just their defence to protect their heart?

Maybe the reason that people’s so mean is because they are too weak to be the last person in the game of relationship.
Let’s think.

Today's song:

Artist: Pink Martini
Song: Hang on little tomato
All I have to say: The great thing about this song are lyric and the rhytm that will bring your mind back in the most blue day.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Search!! People Search!!

Today’s Topic: Robot with searching.

Today I searched for “tea recipe” in google and I found this website , they write about how to make a cup of Thai tea. The strangeness is I’ve never seen this type of tea in Thailand!! As far as I know, they don’t add coconut milk in tea. Anyway, you know, it might be common thing somewhere in Thailand. The awesome thing above all when I found this site is many people love Thai food!! I’m so glad to know.

Anyway, finally I don’t get any tea recipe (except that website), but I found 3 hot chocolate recipe instead. It’s not that Google is bad, but it just my habit. When I try to find information of something, I’m always end up with other information that might not relate to what I want at first. It’s like I can’t concentrate on something long enough if other thing which is more interesting appear.

I wonder if this just the effect of the overwhelming communicate world or it just me?

Monday, March 06, 2006

Robot Series episode I

Today’s Topic: A Robot who want a nice place to eat!

Actually I try to update my blog everyday but I couldn’t finish it. Or it just because I don’t have anything interesting enough to say?
Seem like everyday I do the same thing, wake up in the morning, go to work, eat lunch at the cafeteria, then go home…then how can I expect to have something to write when all I’ve done is waiting for something exciting to happen. So from now on I will do different thing as much as I can. Just a little thing that make me feel like I’m not robot in the factory.

Today, I start with finding some nice place for lunch. I found that in 300 m around my office doesn’t have any cool place to eat lunch!! And the weather is so damn HOT! So boring!! Not such a good sign for this project.But I’ll keep trying.